Quitting, Failure, and Success

When you want to do something big in your life, there will always be obstacles and hurdles (and procrastination, probably) which will get in your way. Those things can make you experience failure, big or small, which will probably make it hard for you to get up again and keep moving forward. When the situation is like that, there are two choices for you, quit or keep on going...Read More

The Struggle Before Success

On our journey to achieve success, it is sometimes hard and draining emotionally to keep going and to put in our effort consistently every single day to keep on going. That is when we have to remember that this is why most people cannot achieve what they want in life and this is also why it will all be worth it in the end. The process and the struggle before success that we endure will make the end result sweeter...Read More

Three Inspirational Failure Stories of Successful People

If you want to have success, you must be ready to embrace failure as you put in the effort needed to achieve the success. This is something which is almost inevitable and already happens to the best of us, as these three brief failure stories of successful people can testify...Read More

Reading as a Habit of Successful People

Reading is something which can bring you a lot of knowledge and lesson to be practiced in your life. In a book, you can have the privilege to learn about another person’s point of view and experience which can be invaluable for you and your journey in life...Read More

Success is a Personal Responsibility

If you are already an adult, the life which you walk in at the moment is the culmination result of all of your choices and actions in the past. You cannot go away from the fact that you are the one who is the most responsible of the condition of your life, whether it is a life condition at the moment which you actually wanted or not...Read More

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