Failure for Success

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill

Failure is simply part of the journey that will make us arriving in our final destination which is the success that we want. It is something which is meant to test our resolve, whether we have strong enough determination to keep working toward our goal.

Many people say that failure is the stepping stone of success. Well, as a person, we always must try to do our best to not meet failure during our journey for our success. But often it does not work that way and failure will come in a number of times when we try to do the hard work which is needed to achieve success. As such time, it is very important for us to get back up again and keep our determination to reach what we want as our target or our dream, as also being told in the previous article.

When we do something continuously forward without giving up, we actually can always learn something from our experience in doing it to be better in the next run. As a human, I believe we have the ability to learn to do something from zero until we are the real expert at the area. If, at the moment, you have the ability to drive a car effortlessly, do you remember when you first did it? When we start ourselves to learn how to drive a car, we have to memorize on the basic things such as where the gas and brake pedal is, how to turn right or left, how to park the car, etc. But after you try and try without stopping and learn from your mistakes and failures that you experience while driving a car, you begin to nail it and after that, it becomes pretty much effortless and automatic for you to do the driving of your car. That ability to automatically and effortlessly drive a car cannot be gained if we stop halfway during our learning or when we probably hit something when adjusting ourselves to the driver seat. The same thing, I believe, goes to what we have to do to achieve success. At first, you have to learn from the very bottom about the work and navigate your way step by step to do it right, to steer your way to success. But the more you do it and the more mistakes and failures which you overcome during the course, you will automatically become much clearer about what and how to do the work needed in the right way for success and you will be that much closer from realizing your target and dream before eventually realizing it.

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As the way it seems, failure seems to be the test which is being put to see the strength of our resolve at the success that we want to achieve. Can and how fast does that person doing the necessary work for success again after being put to bed with a failure during his/her journey to get the success he/she craves? Can the failure stop him/her to do the work? How strong is his/her determination to be always there to fight for what he/she thinks is important for him/her? Often failure makes us want to stop fighting and stop chasing our dream or our target. When it does that, that is the moment that you really fail and your success will never come to your door.

So work hard and never let failure stop you to achieve your dream because you never know how close you are to your success when the failure comes. Just believe that by keep working hard, you will eventually get what you want at the end!

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