How to Deal with Rejection

“I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat." - Sylvester Stallone

Rejection is something which simply represents a road block which we have to overcome on our way to our destination, which is the success that we dream of. Quitting after the rejection means that we have already given up the success we want.

The guy must has been exhausted. The creative and business plan which he has already formulated and asked to get financing for has been rejected for the twentieth times. The pressure from the people in his family and friends circle after seeing him failed again and again must have been pretty huge, most probably advising him against trying to get the financing again. He would think over and over again and the thought of quitting must also cross his mind many times during the course.

The question now is should he give up and should he think of pursuing other things which might be not what he wants or should he keeps on continuing to try to make the plan which has already been created a reality?

What would you do if you were in his shoe? How to deal with rejection that this man has met? Would you continue or quit?

Important note to consider: There is no one who will guarantee that there will be a success at the end of the road.

Think about it for a while.

What if I tell you that the rejection will be on again for the fiftieth, one hundredth, and even two hundredth of times in the next try? What decision would you choose?

Well, probably you will choose to continue looking at the topic and quote of this article (or probably already know who do we talk about in this story and what his decision is). In reality, it must be so difficult for a person to persevere and continue after facing rejection many times like that.

But the man in the story decides to continue.

And the legend says, he has been rejected by 282 times more after that twentieth attempt before he got a success to get the financing which is needed to kick start his creative and business plan.

And the business which he wanted to formulate has become a huge success.

Guess the man whose story has been told? The name of the guy is Walt Disney.

Probably he gets rejection again many times during his journey to build the business which we have all become known for. It would not stop him though, as it has been proven with the name of Walt Disney business which has become so famous throughout the world.

I think the point that we can learn from this story of Walt Disney building his business is so simple yet something which we take for granted when we try to achieve something in our life.

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Like when you want to go to a place which you have already marked as your destination, you need to keep on going to reach it no matter what you may face during your trip. There may be something which block the road, project of road fixing, the gasoline of your car runs low, etc but the point is you have to find the solution to overcome it and keep on going. The reason is that you cannot get to your destination if you decide to quit on the road and doing nothing to move forward to the place will also not take you to it.

Think about those problems as rejection and other things which can hold you on. Those things might make you think to quit and not pursue your dream again. If you have strong resolve and the success is important enough for you, then you should find a way to get back up again on your journey and continue moving forward.

Because no success can be taken lightly and something which is worth it requires you to work hard to get it.

Rejection is just one of the things which you will meet when you try to go on and achieve your success. It is up to you whether it will serve as the thing which makes you quit pursuing or whether it will be no problem and you will overcome it during your journey to success.

How to deal with rejection? If the success is important for you then you will go on and keep trying.

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