Quitting, Failure, and Success

“You never fail until you stop trying.” – Albert Einstein

When you want to do something big in your life, there will always be obstacles and hurdles (and procrastination, probably) which will get in your way. Those things can make you experience failure, big or small, which will probably make it hard for you to get up again and keep moving forward. When the situation is like that, there are two choices for you, quit or keep on going.

And probably the first choice will be far more attractive for someone in the circumstances of failure that he/she is in at the moment.

Success is something that everybody wants in their life, whatever the definition of success is for them. It is something which is worth to be pursued with your upmost effort and achieving it will be one of the most important milestones in your life. When you want to achieve something like that, the road can be long and windy. There is no one who can guarantee one hundred percent how long it will take, whether the effort you work on is already right or not, or what kind of condition which can bring you to that success.

But one thing is guaranteed.

It is that if you quit pursuing that success, you will most likely never achieve it.

And that will be the real failure for you in terms of achieving that success.

You can fail multiple times, that is for sure. You can also change the way you want to do things to keep moving forward to reach the success, that can also happen. But the one thing you cannot do if you still want to realize your dream is quitting.

As people said, there are many ways to Rome. There are many roads which you can travel which will lead you to your destination. However, once you take your foot off the gas and stop going on the road that will most likely be the end of it.

Let me give you an example for the situation to illustrate that. Let’s say that your goal is to have one million dollars in your bank account. Now what will you do to achieve that? There are many ways you can pursue to realize it. You can be an employee in a company and work as hard as you can to get promotion and compensation increase so that you can get that money as soon as possible. You can also invest in some ways to gain the money gain needed to have that one million dollars in your pocket. You can also open a business which will generate enough profit for you to have that much money in your bank account.

Heck, you can also try to buy a lottery to win one million dollars and hope for the best, although if this is your main hope to get the money, there will be very little possibility of it to come true (as such a lottery).

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But the main thing is all of that requires an effort for you to realize that one million dollars. Even when you want to have the lottery to get those one million dollars, you need to have the desire and effort to buy the lottery ticket, so that you can win the money.

You can fail in one of those ways and try the other or keep going with one of the method. You can also pursue more than one methods at once to make the progress to get that one million dollars faster.

But if you quit and stop working on getting that, you most likely cannot get it. And that is when, the moment you decide to quit forever to pursue that money, the real failure of getting that one million dollars will happen.

Because there is no one who will suddenly come to you and give you one million dollars for free by itself, right?

That is why it is legitimate to say nothing can be achieved without efforts. You need to do enough work so that you can get what you want in life.

And quitting will be the end of your work for that.

If the success is important enough for your life, you will not quit and will strive to achieve it whatever hurdles and obstacles might block your way. You can change the method to achieve but you will keep pursuing it.

When you don’t give up, you still have a chance.

Now, will you quit or keep on going on pursuing your success?

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