The Struggle Before Success

“Today is cruel. Tomorrow is crueler and the day after tomorrow is beautiful.” – Jack Ma

On our journey to achieve success, it is sometimes hard and draining emotionally to keep going and to put in our effort consistently every single day to keep on going. That is when we have to remember that this is why most people cannot achieve what they want in life and this is also why it will all be worth it in the end. The process and the struggle before success that we endure will make the end result sweeter.

Determination is something which can be very hard to keep sometimes.

Rejection, failures, doubt, fed up, and uncertainty. These are some of the adjectives which, if happen in our life, can be the main reason of why it is so hard for people to achieve success. The struggle before success is often full with these kinds of things happen to us occasionally and makes it hard to keep going and to keep working on to achieve our goals. The struggle before success is real.

And yet we cannot give up, especially if we are serious about our resolve to achieve success in life.

The struggle before success is something which we cannot take for granted. It can take a short or a long time for someone to realize his/her dream. This translates to the amount of effort that we have to put in. Those efforts will surely make us get closer and closer to our target but no one knows how long before we get there, before we achieve our success.

Imagine that we know it will take two years or three years for us to put on the effort before we achieve success, no matter what happens. It will be much easier for us to grind ourselves for it right? The abstractness about how long should we put in the effort sometimes makes us feel tired and do not want to put on more work because we begin to doubt ourselves whether the result will come eventually.

And this is why most people failed to achieve their success.

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In the beginning before we start the journey, usually we are very confident that we can pull it through. We state our goals and what is needed to do to realize it. Little that we know when we begin to execute our plan; we may be in for a roller coaster journey. It can be a smooth sailing but most often we will face hurdles that will test our resolve and make us think whether this is all worth it, whether this will bore results and make us success, whether we have wasted our time putting in the effort and we should quit while we still can.

This is crucial moment in our journey realizing dreams.

If we quit, we fail.

And the great news is as long as we don’t quit, we still have a chance for success.

It is often a battle with ourselves which result mostly determines whether we are going to succeed or not. And it is the hardest battle because we are the ones who know ourselves and the condition which we are in. The feeling of bored and fed up sometimes come and it is up to us to fight it and keep going.

If we take a look at the story of success from a successful person, we often see this pattern. A pattern in which they keep going all the way despite the hard circumstances they are in. It is something hard, not everyone has enough desire do it, and that is why they can succeed and realize their dreams unlike most people in the world.

It is up to you to mirror their resolve and be the person who can realize his/her dream in life. Your struggle before success is needed.

Do you really have what it takes to struggle before success comes before you?

Because nothing worth it will be easy to get. The success that we want in our life should be something which is worth it right? And that is why we need to struggle before success, to put in all of the effort we need to realize it. Stay vigilant and keep moving forward because you need to be stronger mentally, more determined than most people in the world to succeed.

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