Three Inspirational Failure Stories of Successful People

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”
– Robert F. Kennedy -

If you want to have success, you must be ready to embrace failure as you put in the effort needed to achieve the success. This is something which is almost inevitable and already happens to the best of us, as these three brief failure stories of successful people can testify.

Failure is something which you must face if you want to achieve success. It is a part and parcel of someone’s success, that to not experience any of it in life means that you most likely have not found success along your way. The successful people in our world most likely know about that, have experienced it time and time again, and that is why they keep thriving even though they faced failures. This is also why that we have these collections of brief failure stories of successful people. These real life stories of fail should be a valuable lesson to us to always believe that we can achieve success eventually even though we face failure, big or small, at the moment as long as we keep trying.

Ever heard of Michael Jordan? Well, if you have not heard the name, it will be such a huge surprise for me…

Dubbed as the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan is someone who has also got his fair share of failures on the road to his success. His famous failure of inability to get selected for his high school basketball team and failures in winning many games, taking match winning shots, and other things can be a demotivation thing and reasons to quit for some people. Instead, Michael Jordan used it as a motivation to keep trying and doing the hard training needed so he can be better and better at basketball. His team mate often said that he was usually the first one to arrive and the last one to leave training and he said that when he went through the failure of not being selected in his high school team, he used to close his eyes and imagine the list of names for the high school team in which he was not in as a motivation for him to keep on training.

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The decision to not quit and use failure as more motivation to get back up and put more effort is, I believe, the key reason why Michael Jordan can be considered an unqualified success in basketball at the moment.

How about Mark Cuban? This person is a wealthy and successful entrepreneur with billion dollars of net worth to his name from the success attributed mostly to the history of his business deals. But then things also do not go smooth sail all the time for him, in fact the early years bring much failure to him. He failed and got fired in almost every job he was in such as becoming a waiter, cooker, and salesman. He also got his business ventures failed before he found MicroSolutions and made it a success. He found success and became a billionaires after he went through all of those failures.

He still put the effort and has the belief to become a successful person and that is the major reason which he succeed.

The last brief failure story of successful person from this article is from Harland David Sanders. Ever eaten in KFC? Almost every one of us has ever eaten at least one menu in the multinational chain of restaurant which is very famous for its very delicious fried chicken. The one who invented the recipe for the food is Harland David Sanders. He is also famous for his failure story before the product he offered becoming a success as it is at the moment. He faced massive failure at the age of 65 after his restaurant went bankrupt and he lived on social security check from that moment. He never gave up in his life, though, as he thought of selling his fried chicken recipe which he has perfected over the years in his restaurant to the other restaurants in the area. Over two years and 1009 rejection (the number which the legend said), he finally found a restaurant which agreed to sell the fried chicken from the recipe and paid him 5 cents per chicken sold. From there, after 7 years of the deal with the first restaurant in 1964, 600 restaurants all over US and Canada sold his fried chicken and he sold his Kentucky Fried Chicken business for 2 million dollars. The food grew until becoming famous throughout the world as KFC brand with Harland David Sanders name, known as Colonel Sanders, is popular as the inventor of the fried chicken recipe.

Those three failure to success stories have the same common theme and recipe for success, as well as the stories which are also have been told in this blog from Walt Disney, Christopher Gardner, and Jack Ma.

What is it? That you need determination and never quit attitude to be a success in the field you want. Keep putting the effort to go one step further to your success every time and keep getting back up after facing failures on your way. Only then you can achieve the success you dream of.

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