Your Reaction to Something in Your Life Determines Everything
(And 4 Tips on How to Take Advantage of It)

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” – Charles R. Swindoll

Your reaction to something which happens to you is very important to determine what will happen afterwards, whether what will happen will be something which is good or bad for you. It will also determine your happiness, one of the most important thing your in life.

Imagine the situation where you just have lost a lot of money to the business which you invested in and put on a lot of effort to. The business turns out to be a bust and you actually have spent a lot of money in making the business runs so that it is very bad for your financial condition. What will you do after this? How will you react to the situation which you find yourself in?

If you choose to dwell on it and give up on trying to put effort to your work/business, then the condition can and will be far worse for you. Quitting on it will mean that there will be no chance for you to have the success you want as it requires you to move forward to it by your effort. Especially, if the business is your dream to begin with, then it will surely mean that you have crushed your dream on yourself and will not realize it.

But if you choose, rather, to be strong, take the business failure as a lesson to be learnt, and moved on to try a different business or work or even try to resolve the problem that your business faces in the moment, then it can be a far better situation for you in the future. For sure, no one can guarantee whether your next effort after the failure will be something that will bring you immediate success. However, if you are willing to try and put on the effort to move past the failure and toward the success, you will still have the chance and eventually will achieve the success you yearn for. It is very important to have a strong determination to do this.

Almost all things which happen to you can be seen as positive or negative depends on your point of view.

The reaction you give to this failure will also set the mood for your own happiness and those around you. Say that you choose to dwell deep into your upset as to why your business meets its big failure, you will likely be in a bad mood in doing everything in your life in the day and will be far likely to react negatively to what is thrown at you. Your bad mood will trigger your bad attitude and as a result, it will affect your family too and those who are close to you as they interact with you often in a day and get the most impact from your attitude to them. It will likely bring them to an equally bad mood and attitude too which of course will make you and them unhappy until the time you get over the failure and fix up your mood.

But if you choose to be positive to react to the failure, then everything can be more rosy and it will not affect your mood and attitude in a much worse way and as a result, the vibes you give to everything and everyone around will be something which is positive. You and people close to you will still be happy despites the adversity that sets in and it will far likely be in positive situation that can be created in this kind of condition.

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Happiness is very much the state of mind of a person. If a person is happy, it is because he/she chooses to be happy and everything which happens to the person is reacted positively. If a person is not happy, it is because he/she chooses not to in his/her mind.

To be positive when something very bad happens to you, however, surely will take a lot of mental strength. You should be strong and probably can take advantage on these 4 tips which can help you to overcome the negativity of the event.

In every person’s life, there will be something bad happens to us. The most important thing is how we react to it to ensure that it does not affect our happiness and the positive things that we put effort on negatively. We should always try to put on our best effort to instill a positive reaction to those unfortunate events.

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