Self Motivation: Success is a Personal Responsibility

If you are already an adult, the life which you walk in at the moment is the culmination result of all the your choices and actions you made in the past. The lessons learned in life is that you cannot go away from the fact that you are the one who is the most responsible of your life condition, whether it is a condition which you actually wanted or not...Read More

Your Reaction to Something Determines the Positive and Negative in Your Life
(And 4 Tips on How We Can Utilize the Power of Positivity with No Negativity)

Your reaction, positive and negative, to something which happens to you is very important to determine what will happen afterwards, whether it will be something positive and negative for you. It will also determine your happiness, one of the most important thing your in life...Read More

Great Books to Read for Personal Development on Determination for Success

Great books to read are one way for us to do personal development by learning from others’ valuable experience and adding things to our knowledge repertoire, which can serve as our key to success. It is also very beneficial for you to have great books to read as they can serve as a self motivation you need for your personal development to achieve your success...Read More

Does Find Your Passion for Work Is Really Important in Life?

Find your passion, make money from it, and then you don’t have to labor again for the rest of your life. That is often said and makes people think it is very important to find your passion and make a living out of it to be successful in life...Read More

Failure is not Fatal

Failure is simply part of the personal growth journey that will make us arriving in our final destination which is the success that we want. Failure is not fatal for our success and it is something which is simply meant to test our self motivation, whether we have strong enough self motivation to keep working toward our goal...Read More

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