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Perseverance in the highest order. That is one of the most important elements that you need to accomplish something big in life. Many problems will try to prevent you along the way to your achievement. As these perseverance examples from successful people can testify, those should not stop you to keep going.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “perseverance”?

Well, it should be something similar to determination or patience, right? It is a trait which can be said to be had by a person when he/she keeps on putting on the work to overcome the adversity in his/her life to come out to the other side. That is when that person can be said as one of the perseverance examples.

And, that thing is one of the most important factors to success for so many people.

The Importance of the Trait

When you decide that you want to start to put the effort to reach success, most of the time you are far away from there at the beginning (unless the target that you want to reach is not too huge).

That means, of course, it will take time and a lot of effort to climb your way until you achieve it.

During your journey to go there, you will encounter many things that try to make you go the other way. Struggles like the urge for procrastination, doubt whether you are going to get there, the waiting time for the achievement, and others will give the air of desperation for you. It will try to tell you that your effort is useless and make you want to quit.

This is when the perseverance trait can “save” you. If you have a strong amount of it, then those things will not stop you and you will continue your journey until you reach the top.

And, thus, that is why it is important to have the trait if you are really serious about chasing success.

As people said, there are many ways to Rome. There are many roads which you can travel which will lead you to your destination. However, once you take your foot off the gas and stop going on the road, that will most likely be the end of it. Success and failure, it is you who really will determine it.

Perseverance Examples

To grow the trait in us, you can also follow some perseverance examples. Successful people mostly have it because, well, that is one of the most important things that take them to where they are now.

Below are perseverance examples that you can see from highly successful people. Read these perseverance examples and be inspired!

  1. Henry Ford – Keeps on going despite failed venture and financial backing rejection

    From the start, Henry Ford has a tendency to be a perfectionist automotive engineer in every product that he builds. But this often leads to late delivery to customers and becomes probably one of the main reasons why his first venture, Detroit Automotive Company, failed as he has no product to show for the financial backers of the company after some time.

    This failure led to rejections from others to back the second company that he wanted to build. After some time and a number of applications, he keeps persevering and finally gets the financial backing he needs to build the company and launch the company first product, Model A. This product actually has a lot of problems in it and the company’s mechanics have to be dispatched in many places to fix the cars. But from there, Henry Ford got much feedbacks that he used to build the product that got him famous and successful, Model T.

  2. Bill Gates – Maintains the effort despite college dropout and failure in business

    Back then, Bill Gates has failed to finish his college degree and had a failure on his first business venture, Traf-o-Data, that is created to help traffic engineers in translating traffic-related raw data.

    Despite the setbacks, Bill Gates keeps on persevering his effort on business. This leads to the creation of Microsoft which is hugely successful and has made him a billionaire at the age of 31.

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  4. Usain Bolt – Trains hard consistently to be the best

    It is said in the Usain Bolt’s success story that he had always trained hard during his time as a sprinter. Often, he throws up after each of the training because of the intensity of it.

    He experienced failure too in the 2004 Athens Olympics event when there is an enormous expectation for him from Jamaica. After it, though, he didn’t give up, continues to train hard, and eventually reaches the spectacular success and breaks numerous records in athletics that we know of him now. One of the perseverance examples, indeed.

  5. J.K. Rowling – Believes in what you do despite enormous setbacks in life

    J.K.Rowling’s story as one of the perseverance examples is probably already pretty famous. When she worked on the first Harry Potter draft, she was a single mother that had no job and was on government welfare system. Yet, she kept the faith to finish the first Harry Potter novel.

    After it is finished, the draft was also rejected by numerous publishers. Despite this, she kept on going with the aim to publish the novel. Finally, she got a deal with Bloomsbury to sell the book. The rest of it, they say, is history.

    But what if she gave up when she had to work on the draft because of her circumstances or when she got rejected by publishers? There will be no success for her and Harry Potter is not one of the famous novels in history as we know now.

  6. Richard Branson – Continues working regardless of the struggles

    Richard Branson has many successes and struggles that he has experienced in life. The early career of his business even gets him to jail once because of legal disputes. Even after he founded Virgin which is a hugely successful business venture, there are some businesses from it that fail such as Virgin Cola, Virgin Cosmetics, and Virgin Brides.

    Despites those struggling experience, he continues to put in the best effort for his business consistently. Now, he has reached huge success and becomes one of the richest men in the U.K. Thus, it is the usual outcome from people who are in the perseverance examples.

So, do you have the trait? From those perseverance examples, we can tell that you should keep on going despite the struggles and setbacks that you experience when you really want to achieve success.

Thus, the question is: can you maintain the effort needed until you get there?

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