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“It’s your responsibility to pursue what matters.”
- Chris Gardner -

Have you ever watched a success story of entrepreneur kind of movie called Pursuit of Happiness? It is a movie which really can gives you self motivation as it tells you about a story of a man who struggled on his road to success in life before achieving his accomplishments. A very inspirational and beautiful kind of success story of entrepreneur movie, in my opinion, which is recommended to watch for every person.

The man whose road to success is pictured in the movie is called Chris Gardner. He is the CEO and founder of Christopher Gardner International Holdings – a financial services and brokerage company with offices in Fransisco, New York, and Chicago. His net worth is about 60 million dollars (for readers who do not know, net worth is the total asset minus total debt of someone).

Well, as the previous articles on success story of entrepreneur in this web blog about Jack Ma and Steve Jobs, here is the man who had gone through hardship in his road to success before he overcame it and became a man who everyone can see as successful. The road to success journey, as in the case of Jack Ma, Steve Jobs, and many other successful people in the world, is very challenging indeed.

Now what is to be liked about the Pursuit of Happiness movie on success story of entrepreneur is that it illustrated the success story of entrepreneur in which Chris Gardner run through in his life, which really serves as self motivation for us. He has had many difficulties in his road to success. Had troubled marriage and separated with his wife, worked very hard without pay as a test to get employment while taking care of his son as a single parent, and got evicted from his rent because he could not pay his monthly due to the owner of the property.

A tough success story of entrepreneur indeed.

Moreover about Chris Gardner which is not being told in the movie is that he had a troubled childhood. His parents separated and his stepfather was abusive to his mother and siblings. His mother was falsely convicted because of his stepfather’s allegations. Because no one can take care of him and his siblings, he had to stay in the foster home at the age of eight.

And yet he still gets at the end of his road to success after all of that.

Let me repeat, and yet he still gets at the end of his road to success after all of that.

That is some lesson for self motivation indeed.

Lessons We can Have from Chris Gardner’s Success Story of Entrepreneur

Most of us do not have to go through as hard as what Chris Gardner did in our life. And yet, many of us complained that we do not have the right circumstances to succeed in our own road to success. It can be our environment does not support our effort to achieve our dream, our family condition does not bode well with the base that we want to achieve the end of the road to success, or maybe our financial situation does not let us to build our future. Many of us don’t have the self motivation to succeed.

Well, what Chris Gardner has proven to us in his success story of entrepreneur is that no matter what our condition at the present, we can always achieve our dream in our near future through our persistent effort and enough self motivation in our own road to success.

What Chris Gardner does is nothing short of remarkable. He continue to work as hard as he can to get the job which will take him to the first milestone of his road to success despite his condition really not supporting him to work that hard to win the job. One time, he has to stay overnight at a public toilet with his son because he could not afford to rent place to sleep. Many people would give up when faced with the adversity like he was and yet he continue to thrive to claim his right in his road to success.

That is some self motivation on this success story of entrepreneur from Chris Gardner.

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It is very important that we continue to work hard on our road to success, have the right self motivation, and firmly believe in our dream even though the circumstances around us might not allow us to do so.

Self Motivation Closure

For the last part of this article, let me share one of my favorites quote from the Pursuit of Happiness movie. It may be a popular quote for self motivation and you might already knew about this quote but allow me to state this quote again as a reminder for our self motivation to reach the end of the road to success and also that we must have determination and patience to achieve our success, whatever the definition of achievement in the end of the road to success might be in our own life, even if the circumstances seem to not support us for that matter. As you may have already know, it is the saying from the advice of the father character to his son during a scene in the movie.

“Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can’t do something themselves, they are gonna tell you that you cannot do it. You want something, go get it. Period.”

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