Work Hard in Silence for Great Success in Life

There is no substitute in terms of hard work and there is no secret recipe in terms of success. The two of them are interconnected with each other and will determine what kind of life do we have in the end, whether our life will be something that we will be proud of or not...Read More

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation: The Two Factor Theory for Your Road to Success

In pursuing the road to success that each of us have in our life, constant motivation is needed so that we can keep putting on consistent effort every day which is the requirement if we want to achieve our life goals. The drive that keeps us to move forward in the road to success can actually be divided to intrinsic and extrinsic motivation...Read More

20 Business Success Quotes for Motivational Messages on the Road to Success

Motivational quotes like business success quotes are something which can be a source of motivational messages for us on our road to success in such a little time we use to read them. The one or two sentences which are usually the whole content of business success quotes can serve as inspirational or motivational messages...Read More

Listening to Others’ Opinions on the Road to Success

One of the lessons learned in life is when we try to do something on our road to success which seems to contradict with other people’s belief, perspectives, and expectations, without a doubt, we tend to draw out the opinions on what we do from those around us. Those opinions given can be something which affect our belief on what we do and trigger a question in our thinking, is the path that we want to pursue on our road to success is the right one? ...Read More

Overcoming Self Doubt to Reach Your Personal Development Goals

Without a doubt, self doubt is a feeling which can potentially be the biggest hurdle to achieve your personal development goals in life. It can make us feel that there is no way our desired results can come to us through anything that we do, no matter how hard we work for it...Read More

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