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Your happiness is determined by you alone. After all, you are the person who is the most responsible to regulate your feeling. If you want to know about how to create your own happiness, then, in simple term, you must be thankful with what you have and be ready to put in the effort until you have reached the things that you want in life. It is up to your decision if you have the drive to do it or not.

Every person deserves to be happy in life. However, it is up to each person to realize what is the thing that can make him/her happy and whether or not he/she still wants to chase other things so there can be more happiness that comes to the person. The action that you take and the mindset that you have will determine your way to create your own happiness.

To make it simpler for you, answer these two questions truthfully: Are you thankful with the things that you have currently? Are there still things that you want in life that you have not had yet that you want to put in the highest effort constantly until you get it? The answers that are given can determine the approach how you can create your own happiness.

Create Your Own Happiness by The Things That You Already Have

What is your answer for the first question?

If you answer yes to this question, then that means that you have already got the first major part to create your own happiness in you. Always be thankful with what you already have, whether it is something that can be seen the same way by other people, is the thing that you need to do. You have to accept and enjoy the condition that you are in at the moment.

This does not mean, though, that you should not work hard again to improve the current condition. It simply means that you are positive with the situation that you are in and you choose to be cheerful with the feeling that you have.

The thing with happiness is that it depends very much on the perception that you have. If you perceive that your condition is miserable, then you will not feel happy no matter how good your situation is. However, if your point of view is that you are truthfully thankful with the situation that you are in, then you can create your own happiness significantly this way.

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If you answer no to the question, though, then it will be much better for you that you learn to accept the situation and be peace in it. Do that while still trying to improve your condition as much as you can. That should be more positive for you rather than feeling negative all the time because you cannot enjoy the things as they are.

Have a positive mindset in the situation that you are in. That should be a significant step for you to be able to smile and have a positive feeling for yourself.

Create Your Own Happiness by The Things That You Want to Have

What is your answer for the second question?

If you choose no, then what else that you want to be sad or upset about? That means that you have got everything that you want in life and there are no other things that can replace any aspect of your condition now for the better! This should be more than enough reason to be joyful as you have already achieved all the things that you desire in life.

Mostly, though, people will answer yes to this second question, whether that they will seriously put in the effort to achieve the things they want in life when given the chance. It is human nature, after all, to never be completely satisfied. We always want more and more in life. This is understandable. However, if you are serious about your yes, then you have to be ready to work as hard as you can constantly to get the things that you want as soon as possible.

Nothing, especially the big goals and dreams that you have, can be attained without some effort to it. So, if there are things that you still want to achieve in life, then there is no other way to have it than to sweat your way to it. Whatever the problems or the things that can prevent you along the way to get the things that you want, you should be able to do it and achieve your targets at some point if your resolve is strong enough.

So, those are the two things that you must pay attention to so you can create your own happiness. The only thing that prevents you to do it is your decision whether you want to do it or not.

Are you ready to be happy and work for it?

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