Inspirational Speech: J.K. Rowling Harvard Motivational Message in 2008

Inspirational speech by J.K. Rowling during the commencement of Harvard’s students in 2008 told us about why failures can give us more ammunition in our road to success in life and how we can make life better, learning from its motivational messages, by also helping what we can to those who are in need of it...Read More

Success Story of Entrepreneur: Walt Disney - The Man Who Believed in His Road to Success

The success story of entrepreneur from Walt Disney will give us self motivation to get up again despite facing many failures and stay true to follow what we believe is the road to success in our life. In this success story of entrepreneur, he faced some early obstacles in his road to success when doing his job as employee and also when he tried to build his cartoon enterprise of Disney from the ground up...Read More

Success Story of Entrepreneur: Chris Gardner's Pursuit of Happiness

Have you ever watched a success story of entrepreneur kind of movie called Pursuit of Happiness? It is a movie which really can gives you self motivation as it tells you about a story of a man who struggled on his road to success in life before achieving his accomplishments...Read More

Inspirational Speech: Steve Jobs Stanford Speech 2005

His life story which part was told in this speech has many life lessons which will serve us great to learn much from...Read More

Success Story of Entrepreneur: The Road to Success of Jack Ma

This is a success story of entrepreneur for our personal development goals. After graduating from university with Bachelor of Art in English, a young man in China at early 1990s applied a job at Kentucky Fried Chicken and got rejected...Read More

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