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The motivation and mood that we have for working often fluctuate. Sometimes we feel that we have a really good spirit at the moment to finish the tasks that we have but, more often than not, we feel lazy and not in the mood to do our works. These five tips on how to overcome procrastination and laziness are given for you to overcome that lazy time in your work and be productive.

Laziness is a real threat to our work motivation. Moreover. the works that we have to do are sometimes so stressful and frustrating which makes us feel lazier to do them. We may feel that it takes such a huge effort to be able to finish them and because of that, we do not have enough motivation needed to start working on them.

However, if we want to improve ourselves and be a productive person, then we need to accomplish whatever things that are given to us. That is, of course, if those tasks are meaningful and important for us because of the relevancy that they have with something that we want as our success.

The Down Time and Why It Matters

Success is something that we need to accumulate our hard work for and time is a limited resource for each of us that we can use for the works that we have to do, or not.

When we have our downtime and abandon the work that we have to do in our working hours, that means we have wasted the time resource that we have by not doing our work. If we seriously want to achieve our success, then that laziness can give a pretty bad impact on our chance to do it. The more working hours that we spend not working, the less chance that we have for success and even if we ultimately succeed, then it will be much later in our life than it should be.

Of course, we want to achieve success as soon as possible, right? We must understand how to overcome procrastination and laziness to achieve that. Procrastination and laziness can only slow us down in our progress if we give our precious time for them.

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The Tips on How to Overcome Procrastination and Laziness

Right. So, how to overcome procrastination and laziness that we feel so we can work productively to achieve the targets that we have faster? Well, here are some suggestions on how to overcome procrastination and laziness that you can apply. If you have read how to overcome procrastination and laziness from our previous article before, then these tips can serve as additional tips that can be tried besides those that have been given before:

  • Have milestones and small targets to achieve. Some goals that you have which are related to the end success that you want to accomplish but smaller and more achievable should be the thing that can motivate you to work. Break down the success that you target into milestones and small targets that you can aim to achieve in your work to improve your work motivation.

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  • Implement disciplined work and break rhythm. You might feel burnout if you think that you have worked too much in sequence and as a result, you are much more prone to have procrastination for a long time. Apply work and break rhythm techniques for yourself and be disciplined with it. Things like Podomoro technique (25 minutes work and 5 minutes break) or 52/17 rule (52 minutes work and 17 minutes break) can be tried by you so you can have the rhythm that builds your productivity and give you the break time that you feel you need in between works.

  • Set a daily schedule. A well-formulated schedule can guide you in your working days so you know what is the exact activity that you should do in a certain time frame in your working day. If you do not have a daily schedule, then you might allocate the time when you do not know what you should do or prioritize for relaxing or doing other activities unrelated to work.

  • Give reward and punishment to yourself depending on how committed are you to the work. Reward and punishment that you have set yourself for how productive you are in your working hours can be the key on how to overcome procrastination and laziness for you. At the end of your working day, look back to what you have done in your working hours and reward yourself like buy yourself your favorite drink if you can be productive or punish yourself like do some push-ups if you think you spend your time unproductively. This can serve as the basis to build a good working habit for you.

  • Read the books of successful people stories. By learning from the positive message of successful people stories, how they work hard to accomplish things, you can be motivated to be productive like them too so you can achieve what they have achieved too. Pick the book that you think will inspire you, read on, and implement the lessons that you get on how to overcome procrastination and laziness by those people.

Implementing how to overcome procrastination and laziness tips above can be the turning point that you need to become more diligent at work. Do not restrain yourself and optimize the time that you have to achieve what you want using the media of disciplined hard work.

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