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When something bad happens, there can be a tendency to blame other people for it. It might feel like when we shift the reasons for the bad situation towards other people, we resolve ourselves from mistakes. However, there can be consequences of blaming others that have to be paid.

People often love to find a scapegoat in a bad situation.

When an unwanted event occurs in our life, we want to know the reasons why it can happen. This can be important to make sure we fix its root causes so it won’t happen again in the future.

However, during the search for a reason, we tend to absolve why it happens from ourselves. There are often external factors that come to play such as other people. We don’t want to blame ourselves because it just feels uncomfortable to do so. When other people are blamed as the root causes of something bad, there can be relief inside of us. We will believe more strongly that we did not have a part to play in it.

However, there are consequences of blaming others. When we look at them, maybe we should remove our tendency to do it so easily.

The Blame Game

The motivation to do blame game is often strong. It is often an unhealthy thing to do as it leaves us highly subjective in terms of our opinion.

When something bad happens, we must see things in the right perspective. We must analyze the root causes objectively and it includes put ourselves as one of the possible causes of it. In doing this, we will not get the consequences of blaming others. We can set ourselves in the best position to overcome the setbacks and avoid the same bad situation next time.

Playing blame game easily often hurts many people as no one likes to be pointed fingers on by others. We should try to avoid the drive to do it deliberately inside of us.

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The Consequences of Blaming Others

What are the consequences of blaming others? Well, there are plenty that should make us think twice before playing the blame game. Here are the five of them.

  • Hurting Other People Unnecessarily
    As often the recognized result of the blame game, blaming others without much consideration will hurt their feeling. No person simply likes to be declared as the main cause of a problem. Doing finger-pointing without hesitation and a cool head may ruin your relationship with them unnecessarily.

  • Failing to See the Real Causes of Problems
    When we get the tendency to blame others, we may fail to recognize the true reasons for our problem. Probably, it was not their faults but the main causes are something else. By focusing our minds to blame others, we can take away our capability to analyze objectively.

  • Decreasing Our Self-Motivation to Overturn the Situation
    Whatever happened in the past, we can make the situation better as long as we work hard consistently. For that to happen, we need to have strong motivation. By focusing on blaming others for a bad situation, we might lose that self-motivation. We might think: if the others are to blame for this, then why it is us who should fix it? Thoughts like that will be contra-productive in our effort to overturn the situation.

  • Passing the Chance to Improve Yourself
    If we are part that causes a bad situation, then there must be things that we do which triggers the problem. By acknowledging this, we will be much more open to taking the lessons that we can learn from the situation. One of the consequences of blaming others is we will not be motivated to improve ourselves from the experience. After all, we think that we do not make any mistakes that can make it happen in the first place.

  • Causing Much Longer Time to Overcome the Setback
    Blaming tends to trigger another blame. When we blame others, most often than not the other people will try to put the blame back on us. This creates a cycle that can make it far longer for us to go out of the bad situation. It is all because all of us do not give the chance to analyze the root causes objectively.

So, what about those consequences of blaming others? Have they made you do not want to do the blame game? Hopefully, understanding them can make you assess bad situations more objectively. After all, this is the best for everyone’s interest.

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