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When you work hard consistently at something in a long enough time, then you should be able to get something that you put in your effort for. Hard work is better than talent if there is such a thing as talent. The thing that you pay attention to and give your most labor in the long run is the one that is going to define you in the future.

If you want to succeed in something, then you must be willing to put in the hard work consistently to get the success that you want. Hard work is better than talent and this is just the thing that we have to acknowledge if we want to get to the top in our area.

If you believe the opposite, then that might be the reason why you keep stuck in the place where you are. All successful people put in constant effort, mostly years, to get where they are. Believing that it is all the results of the genetics that someone has is the thinking that will stop you to give your best to something that you want in life. That, in turn, will make you not succeed and thus seems to reinforce your belief that talent is the most important thing to succeed.

The Comfortable Excuse of Talent

You have to believe that hard work is better than talent and your consistent effort is going to make a difference in your life. If you do not have faith in something that you work for, then it will be easy for you to just procrastinate because you do not seriously believe that your effort is going to change a thing significantly and take you to the success that you want to accomplish.

Some people do not believe that hard work is better than talent and often puts talent as an excuse as to why other people succeed while they are not. Why do those people succeed in their business? Why do those athletes can get to the top level of their sports? Some people will say that it is because of their talent and that is it. It is simply something that they do not have and that comfortably explains why they do not succeed. It is a comfortable excuse because it means that they cannot do anything to change it as it is something that you are born with. Either you have it or you do not.

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What those people do not see mostly is the unseen hours that the successful people put in to reach to the top. All successful people who work their way from the bottom will testify that it takes years for them to get where they are now. It is something which is often called “iceberg illusion” which means that we often see only the outcome of someone’s success (the top part of the iceberg) and do not see the insane effort that has been put in by that person to reach it.

Some people just choose to believe that success is something that is attributed to the genetic factors that you are born with and no amount of work, however high and consistent, can replace that factor. I believe that it is because it is an easy thing to say. Hard work is better than talent. That is something that you must believe if you want to have a big success in anything.

Hard Work is Better than Talent: The Hard Truth

Your future is determined by you and the work that you put in. If you do not do anything to get something that you want, then there will be a very small chance that you are going to get it.

It most probably takes years of consistent effort if you want to have the very ideal condition in life. However, if you do not work for it, then things are not going to change themselves. You are the only one who has the key to shape your future.

Hard work is better than talent if there is such a thing as talent and that is the hard truth. Personally, I believe that talent itself is a myth and just something that is called out from the result of the work that you put in. People do not see the unseen hours of effort and that is why the telling of talent is born. They think that it is something that you are born with while in fact, it is the result of some efforts that go unseen to get there.

Everything can be learned and achieved by anyone as long as they have a belief in their consistent hard work. Eventually, that is what is going to determine whether you will succeed or not in life.

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