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“You will never plough a field if you only turn it over in your mind.”
- Irish Proverb -

What is your definition of success? It can be different for each person as we may have different priorities in life. However, the similar thing for us all is we have to put in some work to achieve our success. Whatever the quantity of work might be.

All things in life require us to work towards them. If we want to achieve something, we have to go and get them.

Just see the journey of every successful person in all areas. See how they can get to the top position where they are now. You will see they have to do something consistently, often for years, before they achieve their success.

Hard work is the key to success in life and there is no way around it.

Why Hard Work is the Key to Success?

Hard work is the key to success in life? Then, what about talent. connection, money, and other things that are often attributed to someone’s success?

Well, for short, we believe it is often an excuse people make when they haven’t worked until they achieve success.

We mean, what do many people say when a person achieves success?

Well, of course, that person can achieve success, they say. He/she:
  • has talent that I don’t have
  • has a connection to that influential person that makes it easy
  • has much wealth, to begin with, that makes everything a smooth sail

And other things and other things that they have that become crucial factors for their success. Not their consistent effort towards the success.

And that is usually when that person decides not to work towards her/his success and gives up. We mean, what is the use of hard work if she/he doesn’t have that aspect she/he thinks is crucial for success? The hard work will be in vain if they think like that, right?

And, it is a convenient excuse, isn’t it? We mean, what can we do? If only we have that thing, then we surely can succeed like them. It is a shame that we don’t have them, isn’t it?

Well, this exact kind of thinking is actually the reason why we don’t achieve success on our own.

Even if people have talent (which is doubted to exist anyway), they cannot just wait and stand still until they achieve their success. Even If people have a connection or a wealthy family, they still have to do something about that.

The effort is needed, no matter what circumstance you have currently. It is up to us to maximize our circumstances to get what we want. And that takes consistent work.

It takes effort to get from A to B. Small or large. If we stop, don’t work again, and quit halfway, we most likely cannot get to that B thing we want.

Work until you get there. That is the only requirement to succeed in life.

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Consistency vs Time

But, for how long do I have to work hard until I achieve my success? I mean, I have worked hard for years and I still haven’t achieved the things I want.

Well, we believe there are two main reasons. The first one is you don’t work relevantly towards your success and the second is it isn’t the time yet.

For the first one, the suitable analogy is probably something many people ask towards the relationship between hard work and success. If hard work can help you achieve success, then why the laborers aren’t millionaires by now? Aren’t they the ones who often work the hardest compared to others?

Well, if you learn to cook all the time, would you expect to become the best basketball player ever?

Probably, some cooking aspects are related to basketball so the learning process might help. However, if you want to become the best basketball player, you need to practice basketball all the time instead. That is the most logical, relevant way to achieve your target.

Thus, if rich is your success definition, then work on something you think is the most logical to much wealth. Probably, open a small business while you work or sell something you think has a high prospect. Start something you think is the most relevant for your success and work on it until you succeed. Improve your methods as you gain more knowledge and skills from your experience.

If you run from A to C and you expect to get to B, then you may run the wrong way. You need to think what is the best way to get to B and run there.

For the second factor, yes, nobody knows how long it may take for a person to succeed. No one knows exactly how long it takes until their effort will bear the fruits they want. Some might take a shorter, much shorter time and the others might take a longer, much longer time.

However, no matter how slow we walk, we will get to our destination as long as we keep moving towards it. That is why also our success definition has to be meaningful for us. We need to make sure it is worth it for us to fight for.

How to Be a Successful Hard Worker

Therefore, what we should do to be successful hard workers is clear, isn’t it? We need to work consistently towards those things we want until we get them.

If we haven’t got there, yet then keep moving. Keep putting in the best effort we can so we can succeed as soon as possible.

If along the way, we recognize better methods, we can act if we think they will bring us closer to success. If we face failures, then we should keep moving if we are serious about the success we want.

Don’t stop until you get there. Do what you can do with the circumstances you are in to make your dreams come true. Start now and keep on going until you succeed.

That is what you should do if you are serious with your success definition.


Hard work is the key to success, or to any results you want in life in that matter. Either big or small targets, you have to work on them. Whoever you are.

Don’t wait for someone to help you. Don’t wait for the right moment to start working towards your success. Do it now, on your own, with what you have. Do it consistently until you get there.

That is the recipe for success in life. Consistent hard work. And that is what it is all this time. For everyone.

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