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“The ability to concentrate and use time well is everything.”
- Peter Drucker -

Have you ever been in a high level of concentration when you do something? How did it go and what do you feel about the results of the activity?

Concentration is one of the most important factors when we want to be productive. When we can concentrate strongly on our tasks, we should be able to get more done in less time. It is an essential thing as it makes our brain works optimally to produce the best results from what we do.

However, it isn’t easy to highly concentrate on something, especially in this time where there are many distractions. Things like social media, emails, messaging apps, and other sources of distractions can easily disturb our concentration anytime. They make it much harder for us to maintain our high level of concentration for a significant amount of time.

This doesn’t even consider our state of mind when we need to concentrate for a period of time. The feeling of tiredness or stress may be had as we try to get the best results from what we do. Over time, it may overwhelm us and decrease our concentration significantly.

The Things that Science Has Proved Can Improve Our Concentration

So, what can we do to increase and maintain our concentration power to a high level despite all of that?

There are certainly some approaches that can help us to do that. Here are the five of them which have been proven by researchers to positively impact our concentration.

  • Focus on One Thing at a Time
    Multitasking is bad for concentration. Even you might feel that too when you try to do more than one thing at once, don’t you? Instead of getting more done at the same time, we hurt the concentration that we have. In turn, this makes us unproductive in whatever things that we do.

    This negative effect of multitasking is also backed by science. According to a neuroscientist, Daniel Levitin, trying to multitask can create a dopamine-addiction feedback loop in our brain. That can make us keep getting distracted and losing our concentration. Surely, we want the opposite of that to get the best results from our activities, right?

    So, instead of multitasking, try to focus on one activity at a time. That should help to gain an optimum concentration level for whatever thing you work on.

  • Implement the Meditation Habit
    Meditation is universally known to bring many good impacts for us if implemented as a habit. But, do you know it can help us in improving our concentration level too? Science has researched this several times and find a positive correlation.

    One such research is conducted by researchers from the University of California. According to their experiment, people who meditate have their power of “visual discrimination” increased. This strongly suggests that meditation has a good effect on increasing our concentration power.

    Hence, start the meditation habit if you haven’t implemented it yet in your life. Doing it daily for at least 20 minutes should be enough to help you get its benefits. If 20 minutes seems too long at the beginning, start for 5-10 minutes then increase the duration gradually after that. As a result of implementing this habit, your concentration capacity should be improved.

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  • Consumes Caffeine (With the Right Dose of Daily Intake)
    Caffeine is considered a stimulant and can help us to maintain our concentration. That is according to Healthline, a website that provides medical information by experts. If we have consumed coffee, then we surely have experienced the effect ourselves. We should feel more concentrated on our work if we have a dose of caffeine before getting on it.

    However, too much dose of caffeine can be detrimental to our brain and body. Mayo Clinic says we shouldn’t consume more than 400 mg of caffeine daily. That is around four cups of coffee, ten cans of cola, and two portions of energy drink.

    Exceeding that limit may cause us to get a headaches, insomnia, nervousness, and other bad side effects. For sure, we don’t want that even if we can get a short-term boost for our concentration level. Understanding the maximum threshold for our consumption is the key here.

  • Listen to the Right Kind of Music
    Hearing music can help us to concentrate on the things we work on as it can eliminate distractions around us. With the external disturbances blocked by the sound of music, we can surely be more productive with our work.

    Moreover, this approach to improving concentration is also proven by science. According to a study conducted by Stanford University, music can help us to pay better attention and process information easier. That should mean we can center focus on our activities better and formulate better, faster outcomes from them too.

    However, only the right kind of music will do here. Of course, the loud ones aren’t going to make our concentration any better. Instead, classical music, ambient music, and nature sounds should work best to help you get the positive impact.

  • Get an Optimal Night Sleep
    What do you feel when you are deprived of sleep the night before you begin your day? It should have a negative impact on you as you might feel a lack of energy when you do your activities. Indeed, that is one bad side effect of inadequate sleep according to research, besides a low level of concentration, of course.

    According to sleep expert, Dr. Lawrence Epstein, poor sleep can give a bad effect on our thinking. It also makes you feel tired and irritable according to NHS. In the long term, it can even cause you things like heart disease, obesity, and other bad effects for your health.

    Thus, try to get enough amount of sleep by implementing the habit to sleep 7-9 hours a day. Doing that won’t just help you to improve your concentration power and productivity. In the long run, you should feel fitter and healthier too.

Final Takeaways

So, what do you think about those approaches given above? Want to implement them immediately to improve your concentration level?

With the improved concentration, you should also be able to increase your productivity. Hopefully, those given approaches can help you to work optimally to get the best outcomes from your activities.

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