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When trying to learn something, sometimes we need to memorize those things that we learn. In the process of doing it, of course, we want to get the best results by having them stick to our minds fast. Therefore, learning how to memorize things fast can be essential in getting this kind of result that we want.

All of us have the experience of studying something, right? Well, probably this experience is best captured during the time when we still go to school or college. Although it is true that studying is an activity that we keep doing in our lifetime.

In studying, one of the processes that we have to go through is memorizing something. This is something that we do especially when there are some points we learn which are crucially important to the things that we want to do. If you excel on how to memorize things fast, then you should be able to do this process well in a quicker fashion. This can be an excellent benefit that you can have.

Lifetime Memory Use

This memorization activity is most probably used when we want to pass a test or need to do something related to the exact points from the source we learn. These kinds of needs can be had by us during our childhood, teenage years, adulthood, or even during our old age.

During our childhood and teenage years, it is probably obvious that most of the process is used when we study to get a good score in exams at our school or college. Sometimes besides understanding the things that we learn; we need to also remember some of the parts exactly as they are. Doing this can ensure that we can have the right knowledge in a specific area.

During adulthood, memorization may sometimes be needed in our job to remember instructions or in simple things such as our grocery list. In the old age, it is probably more needed to remember basic things in everyday life while also training our brain so it can keep being in its optimal state. Thus, if you know how to memorize things fast, then you should excel in those tasks which need this kind of process throughout our life.

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The Practical Techniques on How to Memorize Things Fast

So, what are the methods on how to memorize things fast that you can use to help you in life? How to memorize things fast might be the understanding that will be beneficial for your brain and time utilization. Here are five simple tips to do that:

  • Add a rhyme
    Try to mention letters based on their alphabetic orders. If you are like me (please tell me I am not the only one), then you most probably mention them in a rhyme which you are probably thought of during your childhood. A rhyme which is fit with the things that you try to remember will help you to stick it into your brain. So, the next time you try to learn something, you might benefit yourself by adding a rhyme that you like to it.

  • Make an acronym
    An acronym can simplify the things that you want to memorize. Take the order of the planets, for example. It can be simplified to MVEMJSUN (Mercury-Venus-Earth-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Neptune) which is easier to remember rather than doing it straight on. If it is hard to find music that suits your style, then try to do it with this acronym technique.

  • Subgroup them
    Ever tried to remember telephone numbers? In the era of smartphones, you can easily retrieve them from your contacts but not so long ago, it is crucial to have a strong memory of the phone numbers of yours and your relatives (which, probably, say a thing about my age ). Memorize that kind of number sequence might be hard but it can be made way easier with subgroupings. Instead of remembering directly the 08975481376, it is simply easier to remember it like this: 0897 – 5481 – 376. This can be applied at other things that you need to memorize too.

  • Write the things
    Research says that writing things down can make you remember something easier. It is logical as write something means you need an extra work of brain to turn what you hear/see into a form of writing. By writing, by the way, it means by hand not typing them in your laptop. So, the next time you try to remember something, grab a pen and a piece of paper and write them down can help you to do it.

  • Focus on one matter at a time
    Ever heard of multitasking? Well, the ability to do that turns out to be just a myth. In fact, the research says that trying to multitask can make you do things slower by 40 percent. You simply cannot focus if you try to do more than one thing at a time. So, when you try to study, be patient. Focus on one thing only will make you learn faster.

So, how were those tips on how to memorize things fast? Remember to try them the next time you learn and see the results. Hopefully, by understanding how to memorize things fast from those points, you can accelerate your learning into a new level!

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