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Why does that person succeed in life? Why is it not you who can achieve something meaningful? Those questions might bug your mind as you see other people succeed and can live life the way most people want. The truth is this, though: life is a choice for all of us. It is what you choose every day consistently that shape your current condition.

The choices that we make every day determine who we are. It is something basic and can be one of the most neglected reality in our life. Whatever the choice that we decide to go with, especially if it is something that we consistently choose, can determine the life condition that we have in the past, present, or future.

Do you think life is a chance and you don’t believe the description that has been given? Well, let’s take a look in the cases of some successful people who start from the ordinary people position.

The Curious Case of Successful People

Do you know Cristiano Ronaldo? If you follow football, then you most certainly know this person. He is one of the greatest footballers in the world and keeps going strong despite being in the age when most footballers already retire.

Why can he achieve his success? Is it because of a chance?

Every day he consistently keeps his diet tight and healthy and he routinely goes to the gym even when it is not the time for him to train. He also rests his body well as he sleeps 8 hours a day and takes nap several times. His work ethic is also something legendary and often said as the person who arrives first and leaves last at training.

What about Bill Gates, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world? Having passion in computer and programming as early as 13, he keeps progressing in this field until he co-found Microsoft and make it a hugely successful company. He also works hard consistently as it is said that during the early years of his entrepreneurship, he often works 15 hours a day every day for several years to make his business work.

Why can he achieve his success? Is it because of a chance?

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I can go on and on but you can see from these two examples that their success was born out from the choice that they make each day. Life is a choice and only the one who consistently makes and acts on the decision to succeed can go far in the road to success.

Life is a Choice and It is Us Who Control It

You want to have the best condition possible in life? Well, you have to acknowledge that life is a choice and you have to make the conscious decision constantly to get what you want.

When you choose to believe that success just randomly happens to some lucky people, then that is when you fail to achieve the things that successful people achieve. That is because you will decide not to put in the effort to succeed and just keep blaming on your fate. Life is a choice for successful people and they make the conscious ones to progress to the ideal condition that they want.

Just look at the examples above. If Cristiano Ronaldo choose to be not disciplined in conditioning his body and work hard in his training, then do you think he will succeed as he is now? If Bill Gates choose not to seriously pursue his entrepreneurship passion in technology sector, then do you think that he will succeed? I will say they will not be and that is most probably what you think too. You cannot deny that it is their choices every day that make them who they are.

Life is a choice and you should embrace this if you want to choose to keep working hard to accomplish something big. So, are you ready to choose the best decision for yourself?

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