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One of the lessons learned in life is when we try to do something on our road to success which seems to contradict with other people’s belief, perspectives, and expectations, without a doubt, we tend to draw out the opinions on what we do from those around us. Those opinions given can be something which affect our belief on what we do and trigger a question in our thinking, is the path that we want to pursue on our road to success is the right one? This can be a good or a bad thing and therefore, listening to others’ opinions and know how to act on it, without a doubt, can be one very important lessons learned in life for our journey on the road to success.

Others’ opinions can be one of the lessons learned in life which is constructive or destructive for our road to success. Some of the opinions can leave us without a doubt and steer us to the path on the road to success which is probably better compared to the original one we intend to take, but some of them can also be bad and it will be better for us if we stick to our plan and not act according to others’ opinions.

Lessons Learned in Life Examples About Others’ Opinion

For the example of opinions which can be good if a person is listening to them, let’s say that we are a production manager in a factory. When there is a problem in the production line or the quantity result from the production process needs to be increased to meet the target, without a doubt, we can actually have our own opinion about what is wrong by using our own observation. But, it can be much better to listen to the opinion of the workers who work in the production line as they do the jobs on the field everyday and can know exactly based on the lessons learned in life from their everyday job without a doubt on what the problem or bottle neck is in the production process in the factory. By listening to their lessons learned in life versions of the problem for the production, we can actually have some insights that we probably won’t know if we insist on solving the problem on our own. We can have the solution which is actually most effective for the factory by listening to their opinions.

But on the other hand, acting based on other people opinion can be detrimental lessons learned in life to the result that we actually hope for on the road to success. For example, in many cases, one of the lessons learned in life from successful entrepreneurs’ story in the world is when they, without a doubt, don’t listen to others’ perspective on what they should do to their business and/or life which turns to be the best decision for them. They are told to stop on what they do, take on another path on the road to success, or probably try another methods which people around them think is the best way to go for them. In the end, they stick without a doubt to their plan and work on executing that plan. Eventually, they get the result and they become successful in what they do. One of the reason is because of that lessons learned life, that they should stick to their guts in their journey on the road to success without a doubt.

So how should we actually treat others’ opinions for our life’s decisions on the road to success? Should we do what we are told to do or just without a doubt move forward on the road to success by keep on doing what we have planned before?

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Deciding Without a Doubt on the Road to Success

Well, I think that the person who has the most understanding in our own personal situation at the moment, without a doubt, is us. No one can know better about the condition on our road to success: work that we plan to do, result that we intent to achieve, and circumstances which are needed for the work to be completed looking at the unique situation that we have. Every person has his/her own condition and from there, without a doubt, that we must consider about how to make our decision for our road to success, whether it is big or small.

Having said that, it is also true that some other people might have solutions or perspectives or lessons learned in life from their experience which can probably be better than what we have thought for our own situation on the road to success. It is just that we have not thought about that particular solution or it just did not cross our mind.

Thus, it is really important that you hear what others think first from their lessons learned in life and opinion before you make the decision. But you should always put it in your own condition or circumstances first before deciding whether other people recommendation is better than what you already plan to do. As long as the proposed solution is not something which will affect other people negatively or something extreme like kill yourself as the solution, it is worth to consider. But remember that the person who knows your own circumstances the most is you and yourselves. No other people lessons learned in life or opinions can change that. Think about it with a cool head and consider the current condition which you face on your road to success especially if it is some kind of personal decision by which your decision will have a large impact to you and people close to you. After reflecting and making the decision, move forward with it without a doubt.

Consider other people opinion and perspective but in the end, it is always important to listen to your heart and intuition when deciding something especially if it has a large impact. It is probably the best lessons learned in life on the good way to decide something in your journey on the road to success.

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