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“Energy and persistence conquers all things”
- Benjamin Franklin -

The things you want the most in life are often difficult to achieve. When you have set your heart to acquire them, there can be many obstacles that prevent you to do just that. Don’t give up, though, as only the people with enough persistence can get what they want. Sometimes, we just have to stay in the line longer so we can get further than anyone else.

It is hard, isn’t it? There are some things you want and it is very difficult to reach them. You probably want a big improvement, a great change, or a massive achievement to come to your life. However, all of them require your effort and you need to work hard and long enough to get them.

Adversities can come and make you think it is useless no matter how much effort you put into the situation. That is often the case when people fail and complain there is no way they can achieve the success they want. However, when you stop putting in the effort, that is the moment when you lose the possibility of reaching your goals.

The Results and the Effort to Get Them: Differing Condition

Everyone’s circumstance is different. What some people manage to accomplish in three months may take other people a year to complete. The time that we need to work to achieve our success can be shorter or longer than others.

What can make the difference? Probably the condition of the starting point is different. Or, it is because some earlier related works have been done by the people who make it faster. There can also be some other things that make it possible for the difference in results and effort relationship.

To simply illustrate, let’s say there are two people who want to achieve a net worth of 100 million dollars. However, the first person already has a net worth of 90 million dollars while another has only 500,000 dollars. Surely, we know which one has a bigger possibility to get the goal faster, right?

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Or, let’s say those two people have the same current net worth and they start a business to realize their goals. However, one person starts a business after 3 years of related working experience while the other one starts with zero experience. Just reading that sentence makes us know which one is probably faster to reach the net worth they target.

There can also be a difference in the amount of effort or the focus they give to their goals. It is very hard to find an exactly similar condition of two people. And that difference, however small, can make the distinction for the time needed.

However, remember this: it always takes effort for us to reach something no matter what our circumstances are. The possible advantages we have can just diminish if we don’t put in the effort needed until we reach our targets. Similarly, the possible disadvantages we have can also not matter if we are consistent with our effort.

One thing for sure is every result we want in our life takes some persistent effort. Success is the result of the accumulation of small efforts and it is true for everyone. Only the ones who are persistent enough can accumulate the efforts needed over time to achieve their success.

Your Persistence Equals Your Distance

If success is a destination, then we all can get there. What matters is whether we stop in the middle of the road or keep on going until we reach it.

There surely can be many problems and failures along the road. Everybody who starts somewhere to get their success knows that. Yet, what makes the difference is whether the person can keep going until he/she reach his/her destination.

Maybe the run is long enough for us to start heavily doubt ourselves. We have gone for months or even years and yet we still haven’t reached our destination. Maybe other people start to doubt us and the effort that we have put in too. It can be harder to keep on going especially if the doubts come from people close to us.

However, the destination is there for the taking and if we aren’t there yet, that means we haven’t run enough distance. Should we stop or should we keep on going? Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

Your persistence equals the distance you run in the road to your success. Go enough distance and you should reach where you want to be. However, we most probably don’t know when we will get that success, no matter how long we have run.

Make your best effort and be consistent in the road you take. It can take a long time but if you persist, you should get there sooner or later.

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