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When people are successful, others often see only their achievements and pay no attention to how they actually get there. Success is an accumulation of consistent effort that most often takes years to manifest itself. In the correct metaphorical sense, success is an iceberg. Usually, many people only see the tip of it but neglect that big bottom part.

You may often see other people succeed and be impressed with their achievements. In the current era of the internet, the big accomplishments of people around the world can be known in an instant.

Often, success feels like an overnight event because of that. That is because people just begin to know those successful ones at the moment when they achieve something big.

However, in most cases, they have taken a long time before they finally get there. They have been a long way from their start and they are just being rewarded for their long consistent hard work.

Success is an iceberg for the others. Yet the few who have succeeded know the bottom part is the most important thing for the best things that happened.

Success is an Iceberg: The Tip

When you see some people succeed, do you think that they just suddenly get there? That they work on something and in a short time, they get the results that they want?

Success is an elusive thing and most part of our society just thinks it is a coincidence event. They think it can only happen to a select few and luck plays a big part in it. Things that you are born with: talent, family, education, or other factors are something that you cannot choose. They are often cited as the main things that determine success.

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If you do not have them from the start, then you cannot succeed in life. For them, it is as simple as that.

And yet, what they do not realize is that kind of thought is exactly why they cannot succeed. Most successful people know that success must be worked on. Long consistent hard work is key. It is not sexy but you should do it if you want to achieve big in life.

Success is an iceberg. Most people only see the tip of it and think it is caused by things out of their control. And yet, the successful ones know that is not true. The big bottom part of the iceberg which is constant hard work is the thing that makes them get the tip. Only by struggling and keep on the faith in your effort can take you to where you want to be in life.

Everyone Can Do It

If it is up to that consistent hard work, then shouldn’t everyone can do it? Surely, they can do it. However, we must first acknowledge this kind of mindset and actually consistently work hard until you succeed.

When you do not believe that your effort will make you achieve success, then what is the point of doing that? If your mindset already limits you to think that life achievement is a coincidence, then it will demotivate yourself significantly.

Success is an iceberg. What you see when other people succeed is most often just the tip of it. You should look at the unseen part to see how hard and long they have worked until they reach that point.

They keep believing until they succeed. Sure, there can be doubts or failures along the way. But as long as you consistently work hard towards your objective, you will succeed too at some point.

Now, it is up to you whether you seriously want to achieve big things in life or not. Are you ready to do the necessary effort for as long as it may take?

When you already reach the top, you will see why success is an iceberg metaphorically. Many people will see your success and wonder how you can get there. Just like you right now.

And yet, you should know the answer by that point.

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