Failure is not Fatal

Failure is simply part of the personal growth journey that will make us arriving in our final destination which is the success that we want. Failure is not fatal for our success and it is something which is simply meant to test our self motivation, whether we have strong enough self motivation to keep working toward our goal...Read More

Determination is the Key for Your Road to Success

A strong determination is the most important aspect that a person can have to achieve the result in his/her road to success. It is the self motivation that is often the difference between success and failure and it is also a measure of whether what you chase in your life is important enough for you...Read More

Five Business Success Tips: How to Start Business Without Money

To start a business and be a successful entrepreneur by having a business success, sometimes we think that we lack something to do it. One of the reason that we usually hear (or even say ourselves) is that we don’t have the money needed to start...Read More

Five Work Life Balance Tips for Employee

Work life balance is a common topic which is talked about when you have started as employee in a company. It is something which many people want to achieve, the work life balance, mostly by searching for ways how to reduce the ‘work’ part and increase the ‘life’ part...Read More

Inspirational Speech: J.K. Rowling Harvard Motivational Message in 2008

Inspirational speech by J.K. Rowling during the commencement of Harvard’s students in 2008 told us about why failures can give us more ammunition in our road to success in life and how we can make life better, learning from its motivational messages, by also helping what we can to those who are in need of it...Read More

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