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So, you fail? Do you think that you can’t achieve the success that you want because of that? Well, if your answer is yes and you seriously believe in that, then that is when you really fail. However, if you want to get back up and make your dream a reality, then you should acknowledge that failure is the stepping stone to success. Only then you can seriously hope to succeed in life.

Look around you. You can easily find failures in the success story of all the self-made successful people. Some of them are big enough to make you wonder why they can keep on going despite the struggle that they have experienced.

Ever heard that Walt Disney had gotten fired and dealt with bankruptcy at some points during his animation career? Michael Jordan who did not get to his basketball’s high school team? The Chicken Soup of the Soul book got rejected 144 times by publisher before it is being published?

Well, they are just three of many examples where successful cases got in a failure situation which can make most people quit and stop doing their work. And, yet in all of those cases, the successful people acknowledge that failure is the stepping stone to success and as a result, they can progress themselves to where they are now.

Failure is the stepping stones to success to everyone who has that understanding. In their point of view, failure is something that is used as a lesson so they can work better to achieve something that they want in life.

Failure is the Stepping Stone to Success in Terms of Learning All Important Lessons

Have you ever heard the phrase that experience is the best teacher? Well, you can practice that phrase in the bad experience such as failure.

By failing, you are able to know that something in your approach does not work so you can work in another way that is better. Looking at that fact, failure is the stepping stone to success that we all need because by experiencing it, we can eventually find the best way to progress ourselves to the achievements that we want in life.

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We may learn the best practice of our work in theory or listen to other people suggestions about something that we should do in our approach. However, those things must be implemented in our condition to see the real results and some of them may not fit to the unique situation in our work as the internal and external factors that influence the results quality might be different to each of us.

How can we make sure what is the best way for us from the options that we have? By trial and error, of course. And by trial and error, it is inevitable that you fail at some points.

Failure is the stepping stone to success because only by failing we will know what is the best way for us to move forward to realize the success that we want in life.

The Reality of Success and Failure

Now, think about it. When you can say that someone has definitely failed or succeeded? If people still work on the things that they do despite of the failures that have been experienced, then you cannot say that the end result for them is a failure, right? That is because the end result is still not clear as their current effort might produce the success that they want. Only when they stop doing what they do when they experience failure that you can say for certain that they fail at their work.

The same goes for you too. When you fail and yet you keep on going, then the end result has still not been marked yet because you still work on it. However, when you fail and you stop, then the end result is definitely failure and you cannot get your success because of that.

Failure is the stepping stone to success as long as you allow it to be. By keep on putting in the hard work despite all of the struggles or failures that you may experience, you still have the chance to succeed in the end and not let those things define the end result of your effort.

So, if you seriously want to succeed, then seriously acknowledge that failure is the stepping stone to success. Set it firmly into your mind so when you fail, you do not stop and instead keep on working hard or even harder so you can prove to yourself and everyone that your work will result in success eventually.

Are you ready to embrace the principle that failure is the stepping stone to success? Your real answer of that question might be the key for you to raise from past, current, or future failures and turn them around to success.

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