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Great books to read are one way for us to do personal development by learning from others’ valuable experience and adding things to our knowledge repertoire, which can serve as our key to success. It is also very beneficial for you to have great books to read as they can serve as a self motivation you need for your personal development to achieve your success.

There are many great books to read for personal development which are interesting and we can learn some keys to success for our life from. However, there are some of the great books to read which stand out from the rest especially when it comes for the section of personal development to grow perseverance needed to work on the effort to achieve keys to success. As perseverance is the most important factor to achieve success, these great books to read can really help you on the thing.

These are the ones which stand out and recommended for you to dive through to gain personal development.

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  1. Mindset by Carol Dweck
    This book talks about the research of the importance in having growth mindset for personal development as keys to success to do anything in life. The ones who think that the keys to success for everything is by doing some works and willing to put efforts to do them are said to be more successful than the ones who don’t.
    Why this is one of great books to read: The positive mindset that we have is one of the keys to success. By reading this book and understanding deeply about the importance of having positive and growing mindset for our personal development, we can adopt it also to strengthen our resolve to do the effort needed to realize our goals.
    Amazon link: Buy Mindset by Carol Dweck from Amazon

  2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    This book talks about the life principles which are needed for our personal development as the keys to success to we want in our life. It is claimed to be inspired by Andrew Carnegie, self-made business magnate and philanthropist.
    Why this is one of great books to read: One of the most important life principles told by Napoleon Hill for our personal development is the strong enough determination needed as the keys to success to achieve what you want (the example of the girl who ask something for her mother at the beginning of the book illustrates this). By reading this book, we can absorb the positive life principles which are told and practice it in our life with the help of examples and tools described in the book.
    Amazon link: Buy Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill from Amazon

  3. A Man Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
    This book describes the experience that Viktor Frankl, an Austrian neurologist and physchologist, had during his time in the Nazi concentration camp in World War II. He described his story with the lessons which he also got from what he felt and saw during his three years time there.
    Why this is one of great books to read: Everyone who has a strong why will have the ability to do any how for it. This famous lesson from the book really resonates with our life and can be important for our personal development. As long as you have a strong reason to do things, you will overcome any obstacles that come with doing it. This book really gives strength and keys to success to do what is meaningful in our life as we read the inspirational story from Victor Frankl in it.
    Amazon link: Buy A Man Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl from Amazon

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  5. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
    This book tells us about the story of experience that Phil Knight has had as the Founder of Nike during his time building the sport giant business from scratch. It gives us the insight about the problems he faced and how he overcomes them to make Nike a world class company as it is now. The story contains important keys to success for us, which are real treats for our personal development.
    Why this is one of great books to read: The book tells the story of Phil Knight in such an engaging and honest way from the point of view of the man himself that it seems to me that we heard the story when talking directly from him. It contains many keys to success by telling us mainly on how to maintain our resolve and keep moving forward to achieve our dream. As the Nike motto said, “Just Do It”, Phil Knight seems to stay true to this during his company building journey as depicted in this book.
    Amazon link: Buy Shoe Dog by Phil Knight from Amazon

  6. Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson
    This book tells us the story of the life of Steve Jobs. It was written at the request of Steve Jobs himself to the author and was based on more than forty interviews conducted with Steve Jobs over two years as well as his networks and family members.
    Why this is one of great books to read: Steve Jobs diversified people opinion about him but we can argue that he is one of the most innovative person and successful entrepreneur during our time. The up and down stories and how he managed to overcome the obstacles during his life time, in his own way, are valuable keys to success lessons for the personal development of a person who want to strengthen his/her determination to achieve success. That can really be gained from reading this book.
    Amazon link: Buy Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson from Amazon

Those are my great books to read list for personal development. Hopefully, they can be interesting and add valuable lessons for your personal development too as they did to mine when you read them!

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