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“There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.”
- Ella Wheeler Wilcox -

The strength of your determination decides whether you will get the results you want in life or not. Many things can make you feel lazy or want to give up when you work constantly. Only the strong ones can survive the test and keep on going.

It is easy to give up but it can be hard to keep your determination on the things that you do. Especially if it takes a long time for you to get your intended results and you meet failures along the way.

However, there is a reason why there are few people who can achieve their dream while most of us cannot. They are people who can keep on going until they realize their vision.

Why do You Need to Be Determined?

Your work will get you what you need in life. However, you need to be determined enough until you get what you need for that.

If you want, for example, to pick up a pen beside you, then you can work to get it fast. That requires little determination from your side (unless you are extremely lazy and don’t want to move your hand towards the pen :)).

However, if you want to be, let’s say, an expert in a renowned area, then you have to work hard constantly.

You need to study, learn from your working experience, discuss with other people, etc. It might take months or even years before you can claim yourself to be that expert you want.

Will you be working until the end, until you achieve your target? Or will you stop in the middle, saying that you cannot do it or it isn’t in your genes? Whether you are determined or not will decide which choice you choose.

And that is key to determine whether you will get what you want in life.

The Tips to Be More Determined

So, a determination can decide whether you get the results you want or not. Now, what can we do so we can be more determined? Here are 8 tips from me that you can implement for that.

  • Determine Clear, Strong, and Meaningful Goals
    What are you determined for? Is it worth it? The strength of your goals can help to empower or weaken your determination.

    Thus, you should make sure that your goals are worth it to chase. Determine the goals that are meaningful for you, big enough, and have a clear measurement in quantity and time. Remembering those goals, why you do it, should help you when things get tough

  • Keep a Note of Your Goals
    Don’t just keep the powerful goals you have set in mind. Write them down and keep the note somewhere near to you. Thus, you can look at it every time you need to increase your determination.

    When you need to overcome bad experiences in your success pursuit, see the note. Every day you wake up before you begin your work, see the note. That should help you to continue to keep being determined until you get what you want

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  • Schedule Your Regular Work Time
    If you don’t have something to hang on to, then it is easy to postpone your work until an indefinite time. You may think you can work anytime while that actually makes you not working on your goals at all.

    Schedule your regular work time to prevent that to happen. Set the hours and promise yourself to work on that time unless some emergencies come up. By doing that, you should keep on progressing towards your goals despite what happens. Your determination should become stronger as a result too

  • Evaluate Your Progress Regularly
    After a while of working, you should progress towards your goals, whether slowly or fast. Take stock of it regularly so you can see your results until now and what you can do to improve them.

    By doing the evaluation regularly, you should be able to also work more productively next time. That can help your determination to be stronger as you can progress towards your goals faster

  • Say No to Unhelpful Things
    There can be many doubts around you from people close to you. There can be invitations to walk away from the goals you want to achieve and do something else. However, if you are serious about your goals, then you cannot let that affect your determination.

    Keep going strong and train yourself to say no to unhelpful things. By the time your determination takes you where you want to go, you can be proud of yourself

  • Get a Mentor that Aligns with Your Long-Term Goals
    External supervising can be great too to strengthen your resolve to get something. Take a look at the goals you have and think about the person who can give you reliable advice on them. Then, approach the person to ask him/her whether it is okay for him/her to be your mentor.

    Your determination should increase by having a mentor by your side. You can take a look at the mentor’s achievement to see that it is possible to get your results. The mentor should also be able to remind you when you begin to lose your determination

  • Read the Autobiography Books from Successful People You Respect
    Successful people are successful because they can stay determined in their work until they achieve their success. Their journey until they become successful people should be full of determination and resolve to keep on going.

    They usually have an autobiography to document what they do until they achieve their success. Read the books if you can to learn from them. By reading them, you should also be able to adapt their determination gradually

  • Join the Forums of Determined-Minded People
    Some people say that you will be the reflection of the people around you. Therefore, you should join groups with people who are determined to help strengthen your determination too.

    By discussing and learning from their life stories, you should empower your determination by “absorbing” their mindset. When you fail on something, you can also consult to them so you don’t lose your motivation. Groups like entrepreneur groups or self-improvement groups can be great for this

Final Words

Determination is important in everything you want to do in life. By having great determination, we should ensure that we don’t give up before we make it.

Implement the tips above if you feel you need to be more determined. I hope they can help to achieve your success!

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