Self Motivation: Success is a Personal Responsibility

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”
– Benjamin Franklin –

If you are already an adult, the life which you walk in at the moment is the culmination result of all the your choices and actions you made in the past. The lessons learned in life is that you cannot go away from the fact that you are the one who is the most responsible of your life condition, whether it is a condition which you actually wanted or not. This is a self motivation message for you.

The person who never takes the responsibility of his/her bad condition of life is most likely to never to have the self motivation needed to change its course in his/her road to success. That is the lessons learned in life by the successful people.

We, as a human, seem to naturally have a bias in regards to the lessons learned in life related to the condition of our present time. If the one which we go through right now is a good life, most of us will probably think that it is mostly the result of our own work in the road to success. But if it is a bad one which we are having now, our self motivation is inclined towards blaming other people or other external factor that affect our life miserably and so, in our version of lessons learned in life, it seems like the situation will be a lot better, that we will still be firmly on the road to success, if it is not just because of this person’s doing or it is not because that factor happens on which we do not have any control of.

Well guess what? We must take lessons learned in life about responsibility on the bad condition too and it is because the more we blame external factors as the main cause, the more it is that we never have the self motivation to come out from that bad situation and get back on the road to success. It is unlikely that the condition can be turned for better because we lack self motivation to change it, no lessons learned in life to change our situation, and no self motivation to keep going in the road to success.

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The Importance of Self Motivation and Responsibility on the Road to Success

Let’s take an example of a man who probably has it rather rough in his road to success. He has divorced from the woman who he loves so much and has little to no money is in his bank account at the moment. Lessons learned in life from his take is that he really blames his divorce on his wife because the wife is being in love with someone else during their marriage and he blames his state of no money on his employees who steer the company he founded into bankruptcy. He says that it is a result of bad executions from the business decisions which he made for the company.

I think this thinking is actually one of the worst lessons learned in life he can take from his journey on the road to success about his condition at the moment.

Why? Because by continuing to blame someone or something else for the bad condition in his finance and love condition at the moment, absolving himself of the blame in the process, will make him less likely to take the right lessons in life and have the self motivation that he can change the situation with his own action in the road to success.

There will be less likely self motivation to try to find another woman to marry if he thinks that he is in trauma and that the lessons learned in life is that he cannot make a woman to not having an affair with another guy and he will most probably lack the self motivation to start a new business, going on again in his road to success, which will have its own employees again because of the lessons learned in life about mistrust of another person working for him based on his reflection of previous business experience.

How about putting it in another way? If the lessons learned in life for him is different, that he thinks his divorce is because, probably, he does not give enough time for his wife and his financial condition at the moment is because he does not give enough attention to evaluate what his employees have already done in terms of the execution from the business decisions he make or he suspects that he does not give the best decision to be run by his employees, he can have the self motivation to fix the situation mostly by himself by lessons learned in life from his experiences and get back to the road to success faster. He can try to allocate more time to spend with the next woman that he choose to be with for the rest of his life and he can learn more about how to supervise his employees better or try to practice more in terms of leadership and management, while evaluating his decision making, and probably consulting to some expert or mentor about business decisions to make himself a firmer ground on his road to success. That is some self motivation needed to change the bad condition.

The most important thing is that if he takes the lessons learned in life that it was himself who is the most responsible for the failures that happen to him, he can have the self motivation to improve himself to be capable to change the failure condition to success in the near future. If the lessons learned in life are the reason of bad condition is because of external factor that he cannot control, then he most probably lack the self motivation to be in better condition again because there is nothing that he believes he can do about it. Your self motivation to progress on the road to success can have its important moment on how you react to this kind of situation.

Lessons Learned in Life About Personal Responsibility

So after you accept the responsibility of your failure, you are more likely to reflect on yourself and have enough self motivation to try again so it can be a smoother ride on the road to success next time. That is the lessons learned in life which you should take about your bad experience.

This is, I believe, why a person’s mindset should be that whatever happens to that person is a personal responsibility, whatever condition that person is in now is that person’s responsibility. He/she can have the self motivation and power to change it if that is the case. You should be strong enough to accept this as your lessons learned in life in your road to success.

Because “this failure is because of something that I cannot control” is just not good enough belief for us to achieve the success that we want. Success is something which we, ourselves, must put a lot of effort in in its direction to achieve it. Only by believing in ourselves on the ability to achieve it, accepting that sometimes we can have a mistake and fail, then choose to put the effort in again based on lessons learned in life to make the best effort that the failure will not happen again in the future, go forward again on the road to success towards achieving it, then we can make sure that success is something that we deserve to have, that it is our right to get it because of our effort and accountability.

Thus, please don’t be afraid to fail, don’t be afraid to take any responsibility of the situation on your road to success. The lessons learned in life should get yourself back up, believe that success is your own and your personal responsibility, and move forward again with the belief and your own effort to achieve your success.

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