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When asked about what is the most important thing in life, some people will answer that pure happiness is something that exceeds any other matters. When you achieve the feeling of pure happiness from the situation that you are in at the moment, then you shouldn’t ask for anything else because what you need is already there with you.

All of us want to be happy in life, right?

As we go through experiences that happen in our life, we can be involved in the events that can be positive or negative according to our perception of it. Those events can make us feel happy or sad and give an impact, whether big or small, to the current state of mind of ours. That state of mind is the one which contributes to what kind of quest that we should pursue the pure happiness in each and every one of us.

Because when you think deeper about it, happiness, sadness, anger, upset, disappointed, or other kinds of emotion that we have inside of us is deeply rooted to what we have in the mind of ours

Understanding the Meaning of Pure Happiness for Us

Let’s take a look at the following two contrasting examples for the illustration of the meaning and the quest for pure happiness in life that we have.

One is about a rich man that has a loving family and has an excellent reputation in his circles. Another one is a poor guy who lives with a wife who has had an affair with another guy, have not had any child, and a bad name for the people who know him as a result of a friend of his who spread terrible words about him.

Now, which is the example that you think is the person who has the right path to pure happiness in his life and which one is the man who is the exact opposite of that?

How about we take a deeper look at each of the man’s situation?

If you get into the rich man’s head, then you can see that he is disappointed with the general situation that he is in. He is stressed in doing his work and has a feeling that although the business that he works on is successful, it is not a job that he loves and he even hates on what he works in because the job is very demanding and stressful to him. He is also upset with his wife and children because he thinks that they do not give much attention to him and the work that he had to do for them despite they have already tried their best to care for him. The man is also very suspicious of other people’s opinions of him. He thinks that they try to find a way to talk bad about him behind his back, despite the fact that it is actually the other way around, and he is very stressed about that thinking of him also as a result.

When you take a look at the poor man’s mind, however, you can see that the situation is very different for him. Despite the worse situation that he currently finds himself in, he always tries to be optimistic while putting in his best effort to overturn the condition into a better one for him.

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Although struggling, the poor man never gives up to do the hard work to make his business a success and he always has a positive mindset that he can do it and he will make it work someday. He always loves his wife, having a child or not. Despite the affair that she has had, of course he was hurt by that, he still loves her and has the desire to keep his marriage with his wife really regrets that event. He also thinks positively and always tries to be nice to other people. In spite of what other people say about him, he never takes it into his heart and thinks about it for too long.

When you have seen deeper into each of the cases, what do you think? Who do you think are on the right path for the quest of pure happiness in his life and who do you think is going to the exact opposite?

The answer should be obvious.

Chasing the Concept of Pure Happiness in Life

Now, I don’t say that it is better to be in the poor man’s condition rather than in the rich man’s. I also don’t say that you should be in a situation like the one that the poor man has experienced so you can be in the right position to chase life happiness.

The lesson that wants to be shared by that simple example is that you should have the right state of mind and do whatever you can to be in the ideal state that you want in life, with the optimistic feeling that you can get it. Being content with what you have at the moment while also doing optimally to achieve other things that you want.

Happiness is heavily influenced by what you want to feel in your mind. The concept of pure happiness can only be had by you if you choose to feel it. You cannot be happy if you choose to have a sad and upset feeling despite all the goodness that you have around you.

Additionally, in my personal opinion, if you want other things that you think should be good in your life, then, by all means, you should put in the effort to get it. That does not mean that you are not thankful for what you already have but it is just your way to have other reasons to be happier.

After all, if you don’t have a thing that is worth putting all of your effort into in life, then that means that you lose something that makes your life more meaningful and happier as it seems.

Thus, don’t forget: be thankful for what you already have, set a positive mind to the things around you, and while also having the goals that you can work with all your might to make your condition even better. That should be the concept of pure happiness that you try to chase in life. Doing all of that should mean that you leave no room of negative feelings inside of you!

So, have you chosen to pursue the quest to achieve pure happiness in your life?

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